About us

Manilla is a crossborder payment app, helping BIPOC people like you manage your finances on-the-go, track your expenses and set aside money for tuition, rent and fun in real-time. Open your account in minutes right from your smartphone, and start sending and receiving money with love. Manilla is the radical reimagining of social justice and finance.

Our Story

During the initial outbreak of COVID-19, International Students in colleges and universities across Canada were faced with the challenge of not being able to access many of the COVID-19 related benefits administered by the Canadian government. Manilla is an international student-led for-profit enterprise that came together as an initiative to build a solution to break down the barriers faced by International students relating to accessing funds from their home countries during these difficult times.

These companies release their own versions of the operating systems with minor changes, and yet always with the same bottom line.


Our vision is to provide the international youth of Canada, the financial security they deserve by delivering a credible payment platform with our core value propositions of:

● reduced transaction costs and no arbitrary fees
● on-demand foreign exchange availability
● faster, time efficient payment processing.


Our product is a community-based payment platform that will help bring geographically dispersed families of International youth together in terms of financial security.

Countries available
● Canada
● Nigeria
● India-coming soon

The team

Nehikhare Igbinijesu


Austin Otsu